Leis — Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the questions we’re often asked about our leis. If you have a question we didn’t answer here, please contact us.

Do you make fresh leis?
Yes, we sew many different orchid leis, as well as ti leaf and carnation leis.
Do you have leis I’ve seen in Hawaii?
From Hawaii we ship fragrant leis such as pikake, ginger and tuberose. We also ship in kukui, ilima and kika. These are flown in overnight.
How soon do I need to order to buy leis?
Usually a week in advance for special orders. But we always have leis that are in stock — just come in and see what we have.
What are good choices for men?
Popular ones are ti leaf and kukui.
What are the fragrant leis?
Pikake, plumeria, ginger and tuberose.
What are lei choices for weddings?
Traditionally, pikake for the bride and maile for the groom. Maile is not available at this time due to agricultural restrictions. However a great substitute is the maile style ti leaf lei. Other bridal choices are white orchids and tuberose. For grooms and groomsmen, kukui in different colors.
How long do leis last?
Leis vary greatly in their shelf life. Fragrant leis such as pikake and plumeria are not expected to last past a day. An orchid lei can sometimes be made to last after being worn, by misting it and putting it in the refrigerator. The kukui lei lasts quite long and can even be preserved dried and kept as a memento. The most fragile are fragrant leis, especially the pikake. In orchids, yellow, green and purple are strong flowers.
How should I care for leis?
Do not expose them to heat and extreme cold. Store leis in your refrigerator in a plastic container or airtight bag. Mist orchid leis very lightly if needed. Do not mist pikake, ginger, ilima, kika, crownflower and kukui. They are best kept dry.